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Monday, March 25, 2013

Music Monday: Awesome Covers

YouTube is one place where you’ll find some really awesome music.. there’s a lot of talent out there and thanks to YouTube, you can discover some good covers of songs, and new artists..

So today, here are two of my favourite covers of the song ‘ Free Fallin’ ’ – Tom Petty. I just love this tune. So check it out!

The Original first in case you haven’t heard of this song…

And now the covers

1. This one by ‘Kevin Mcguire’ accompanied by Samantha Pake.

Just love the guitar style on this one!

2. and this by Mike Masse and Jeff Hall

and you’ve just gotta love this one! Mike Masse is just epic… but more on that later!

So expect more posts from me soon. and until next time then!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Music Recos: AC/DC

Second week of January and I’ve been listening to a Lot of Rock music lately… Especially bands like AC/DC. Its this new found obsession with the band, which have really really powerful, energetic and simply magnificent rock songs since the 70s!

So here are of my favourites by AC/DC:

1. Back in Black

Needless to say this is AC/DC’s best song ever… The Guitar and Vocals! Just AMAZING! And yes this is my #1 AC/DC song as well!

2. TNT

TNT on #2.. yea I just love how this song picks up and BAM! I’m TNT! yea… Had you asked me for my Favourite AC/DC songs sometime back I’d Say Highway to Hell as #2 but TNT has taken this position.

3. Highway to Hell

And like I mentioned above, here it is, Highway to Hell! You’ve probably heard this and Back in Black if you’ve watched the Iron man Movies…

4. Long way to the top (If you wanna Rock N’ Roll)

Here’s another classic by AC/DC.. amazing lyrics.

5. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

and to wrap things up here’s #5 Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

So here are 5 of my favourite AC/DC songs, like always don’t forget to share this post, and leave some comments with your favourite songs, AC/DC tracks, or anything at all because I love to hear from you all as well!

So until next time



Saturday, January 5, 2013

Music Recos: Journey

2013 is here! So how are y’all doing? All Good I hope!

So time for some Music Recos… Today I’m going to share some songs from this really really awesome band – Journey. A really epic American Band from the 80s, with some really good rock songs.
Here are some:

1. Separate Ways

Amazing lyrics that go with really great music! doesn’t get better than this… I always songs with good lyrics

2. Don’t Stop Believin’

This is my favourite… no words to praise this song…

3. Faithfully

Slow Rock and Love… always always ALWAYS a good combination!

So I hope you like these songs, and like always remember to share it and show some love! Also I’d like to hear from you! so Comments are always welcome. Tell me about your favorite songs by Journey or other artists as well, I’m always on the look out for new and good Music!

If you’re on twitter my handle: stephnd and my Last.FM profile So check it out!

until next time! Ciao


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Draw Something & Words with Friends now available for Nokia Lumia users

Well as you all might be knowing, Draw Something is one game that got really famous sometime back. Its basically a game where you're given a three words, from which you chose one to draw it, for the other player to guess. Pretty cool huh? Its really fun. Initially available for iOS after which Android got it. Now available for free for a limited time only for Nokia Lumia users.

Then there's this game called Words with Friends which is a scrabble game for you to play with your Facebook friends or any opponent in this world. I personally just love this and the game Wordfeud which is just the same thing. So Words with friends is also available for Nokia Lumia users for free for a limited time.

So head over to Nokia Conversations to download it.
Do remember this is for Nokia Lumia that is Windows phone.

If you wanna play Draw Something, Wordfeud or Words with Friends my username is : stephndsz

So go ahead and download it on your Windows phone and have fun!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting Around Windows 8

So Windows 8 is out and I hope you all have upgraded to it. I did and I like it. I personally feel that since Microsoft has set the price for an upgrade at just Rs. 1999 / 699* (*depending if you qualify or not) it’s totally worth it. And Since it’s so cheap I guess everyone should buy a genuine copy.

So once you’ve upgraded to Windows 8 from earlier versions of Windows, you might need some help getting around. Especially with certain stuff like the Stat Menu and certain new features that have been included in Windows 8. So Here’s a short video showing you some of the features and how to go about them..

Yes I made this :P

So yea first video,by me. I KNOW it’s a screencast, but a new thing for me. Anyway I hope you like it.

I’ll try and make more of these. Do let me know if you have any questions in the comments and I’ll try and answer them for you.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

All About Android: Giving the Galaxy Note a Spin *Updated*

Ola! Been ages since I wrote here, and yes I know not a good thing. Anyway things keep happening and then I can’t manage it all!
So Recently I have been able to get my hands on some really cool devices (If you follow me on twitter, Instagram , you’d know) so yes and one of those Is the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The device as most of you smartypants would know, has a HUGE 5.3 inch display, 1.4 Ghz. Dual core processor and 1GB of RAM. Being an Android Device, people complain mostly of having a bad experience with Battery life on their phones, but this baby comes with a 2500mAh battery. This device is supposed to be somewhere between a tablet and a phone and frankly I feel it is a little too big to be a “phone”.

Day1: Anyway So I have decided to use it over the weekend as my primary device. So far so good, everything is going okay. I had a little trouble getting used to the TouchWiz Home Launcher, (especially the app drawer, which has a shitty way of listing apps in God knows which order). So I have Nova Launcher running currently on it. Everything is working silky smooth, i’ve got almost all the apps I use daily etc. from the Galaxy Nexus (my main device).

As always Contacts and all that is just a button away with no need for shitty bluetooth transfers and syncing with USB cables. Google account > enter details > sync> BAM!. (Check this post to know more)

So I’ll update this post as things happen. Hoping to have a good experience with it as my primary phone (I do use it most of the time for Instagram and all that)

Here are some screenshots for you guys:
Screenshot_2012-08-04-16-07-17  Screenshot_2012-08-04-19-56-52

Screenshot_2012-08-04-19-57-08  Screenshot_2012-08-04-20-15-16

So remember to check this spot for more of my views on the Samsung Galaxy note, I’ll have more detailed usage based information about this device and update it here or in more posts. Till then ciao!

UPDATE 11/08/2012

Time - 18:47
So It’s technically day two of using the Galaxy Note. I had been out and took the Note with me. At first I actually did this, checked whether it fit in my jeans pocket. Yup I did that. And surprisingly it fit well, not much of a bulk or anything.

The second thing I was kinda on the backfoot because I felt it would be really odd to receive a call on it in public. Holding such a big device against your face may look a little stupid, but then things were pretty good than I expected. I did receive a few calls in public and didn’t get any weird reactions or looks from other people. One thing you’ll notice, atleast here in Mumbai India is that many people have the Galaxy Note, especially the white one with the flap cover. And if you look around a lot like me, you’ll find out that many females have the Galaxy S II or S III. So Samsung really dominating the smartphone market.

Anyway back to the Note and how it rolls. So what has really impressed me today (after the display being the first reason to fall in love) is the Battery Life. I’ve been using the Galaxy Nexus for some 8 months now and it has a tendency to lose a lot of juice when the display is continuously switched on (while chatting on whatsapp and checking twitter etc.) I wouldn’t say the battery life sucks on the Nexus, because I can easily get some 18-19 hours everyday on a single complete charge and moderate usage. But the Note’s 2500mAh battery is really stable. I’m on a stock rom running Ice Cream Sandwich v 4.03 with the default touchWiz launcher. and auto brightness set for the display. 

Screenshot_2012-08-11-18-53-28  Screenshot_2012-08-11-18-53-58

As you can see in the screenshots above, 49% for some 9 hours, which is really good. Whatsapp, Instagram feed being refreshed like twice a hour, twitter feed being refreshed, camera used, calls and text. The drop in the battery power level was gradual. Which is really something you want, than a battery that falls rapidly on continuous usage.

TouchWiz is a good launcher. I mean if you want something really really *really* light and fast, I’d recommend you go with Nova Launcher. You’ll also get that vanilla Android launcher feel. Anyway The App drawer on the TouchWiz launcher is shit. Today we all hear stories of Apple biting the ass of Samsung because they say they copied the iPhone. I Don’t believe that personally, BUT the app drawer on TouchWiz launcher, if you look closely, you’ll really get a feeling that they tried hard to copy iOS’s home launcher thingy. Bad Samsung.

Speaking of touchwiz, and all these UI thing the manufacturers dump upon the LOVELY LOVELY Vanilla Android is a real pain. Even the folders feature which was refined with the launch of ICS is not up to the mark on TouchWiz even though the phone runs ICS. I mean come on, seriously ICS was pure beauty, why do you want to make it ugly? Well I guess that’s one reason Android will not be enjoyed well by most users. A Nexus Device is how an Android Device should be, Pure Awesome. Sadly many don’t get to experience this. Because Nexus devices are never officially launched here in India.

Screenshot_2012-08-04-22-31-51  Screenshot_2012-08-11-18-54-19

Coming back to the Note. The Camera is Fantastic. People criticise the camera on the Nexus every second. I personally don’t find any problem with it, the Nexus takes really good pictures. Yes is does suck in low light/night-like conditions, but most phones would. I have a Nokia N9 with an 8MP camera, but it takes shitty photos compared to the Nexus. The Good thing about the camera on the Galaxy Note is that it has a huge list of settings. So you tweak around till you are fully satisfied and take really awesome pictures. And Speaking of pictures, they look spectacular on that *oh so gorgeous* big display. Crisp, Clear and Awesome.

Almost all the apps work nicely on the Note and there aren’t any issues with the display size and app resolution or anything. Yes some widgets tend to be a little odd on the homescreen especially with TouchWiz (eg: Facebook widget)

Screenshot_2012-08-11-18-52-33  Screenshot_2012-08-11-19-33-14Screenshot_2012-08-11-19-34-34

Holding the phone with one hand and trying to type may be ‘Mission impossible’ but its easy with both the hands. The keyboard and predictive text works fine, and if you’re used to the Stock ICS keyboard you can always switch to it, but I don’t think you’d find a reason to with the Samsung keyboard. Screenshots taken with the stylus or ‘S- pen’ as it’s called.

Videos on YouTube have never been better. The display is like the key player that’s contributing massively for the device’s awesomeness.

Anyway another day to go and I will be writing more of my views and experiences here. If you wish to ask anything about the Galaxy Note, you can always do so by leaving a comment. As of now I’m happy with the phone and not really missing the Nexus. So let’s see how things go!

Until next time! Ciao! :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

All About Android: Galaxy S III goodies for your phone

So the Galaxy S3 has just launched here in India, and at a price of INR 43,000/- yup! that’s nearly about how much the iPhone 4S launched for (INR 45k) but the difference being that even today the price of the 4S hasn’t really reduced that much, but according to all these *experts* the S III should see a price reduction in a month or two…

And till you decide whether you should buy the S III or some other phone, you can always try out these apps ported from the Samsung Galaxy S III by some awesome people at the XDA forums.

1. S Voice

S Voice is the Galaxy S III’s voice command software like Siri on the iPhone. Well it’s not really like Siri at the moment at least, but it can get most of the things done and is fun to use.
Requirements: You need a phone running ICS (4.0 +)

Get it here: Download S Voice

Original link:

2. Live Wallpapers

The Galaxy S III has some new Live wallpapers as well, you can try them out on your phone:

- Dandelion (default LWP) Download

- Deep Sea Download

- Luminous Dots Download

original link: ,

3. FlipBoard
Flipboard was an exclusive app for the Galaxy S III for a few days until it was released to the public thanks to the Xda peeps again. But now its in beta and you can download it officially by signing up on their website here:

There you go, some cool stuff from the Galaxy S III for your phone. Don’t forget to share it!